This year we had the extreme pleasure of being a part of the SXSW 2015 Gear Expo as part of the interactive guitar pedal booth sponsored by The Deli Magazine…we were just as honored to be asked by The Deli to participate in their first ever Synthesizer Exhibit. Here is a unique view of the first day!

We were entirely honored to be contacted by Paolo DeGregorio, owner of The Deli Magazine and invited to take part in his brain-child that is the interactive guitar pedal exhibit at the 2015 SXSW Gear Expo. It was an absolutely amazing time and we got to meet not only some major local movers and shakers in the guitar pedal game like Seth, the owner of Screamin’ Effects in Austin, TX but also some pedal makers from NYC like Big Ear Effects as well as boys from the majors like Moog, TC Electronic and Mooer…to be sitting amongst such greats is truly an honor. Here are a few photos of the first two days of the event…video to come and until next time, keep on modding!

~Austin Hot Mods~