Hey there mod fiends.  We have been busy taking orders, modding pedals and putting to schematics and PCB layout all of the fantastic new designs we’ve been working on here at Austin Hot Mods.  So busy in fact that we have not even been able to take the time to break the absolutely HUGE news that Austin Hot Mods has officially found a base of operations at Austin Music Rooms located at 4800 South 1st street Austin, TX.  This is a fantastic location and we will be available in the main lobby with scheduled hours from 6pm-10pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and as always by appointment.  But now it’s easier than ever to drop off that old pedal friend and give it a transmogrified facelift.  Not to mention the attached music school, the amp repair shop and incredible rehearsal spaces, Austin Music Rooms is a fantastic new home and we thank them and Rusty very very much.  Take care guys, checkout the new digs at www.austinmusicrooms.com…see ya’ll soon!

~Austin Hot Mods~