Hey there friendly neighborhood mod heads.  We have been on a social media spree lately in preparation for our first South by South West.  Many people have asked “Why no Facebook Presence yet.” and “Where else can I find pictures of your work. Well in response we were waiting for the timing of the big push for this specific time to launch not only our official Facebook which is gaining likes rapidly being around for just over 24 hours. But our new PhotoBucket page which will give you a more in depth inside look at the development of our mods as well as updates and inside info on our final announcement. (cue trumpet voluntary) We have developed our very own official Austin Hot Mods line of custom pedals and noise making devices.  That’s right from distortion and fuzz to tremolo and optical theremins we’re gonna have a whole arsenal of products ready to launch your ears and mind into another dimension of sound. So stay tuned for further announcements, updates and launch dates for your favorite ear candy.

Speaking of ear candy.  We have been bust on the bench as usual designing new mods from requests submitted by you…our faithful music playing, effect using gear hounds that are ever-questing for the ultimate tone.  In response to one of our most popular requests we have received thus far we have developed a mod for the famous Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer.  Made famous by the likes of Texas music legend Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Ibanez TS-9 has been a main stay of players for years and provides a good rich palette upon which to base a sound.

Green Meanie

In our “Green Meanie” mod for the TS-89 we take the EQ and give it a not before seen range smoothing out the bottom end distortion to give the pedal more of the sound of the vintage and sought after Maxon 808.  In additional to this the optional distortion switch and you can instantly change the type of distortion your Green Meanie is throwing at the crowd. Finally, there is the “Extremist” mod (caution: not for the faint of heart).  In this mod we take the sound options and push them to the edge removing the stock 4558 op-amp chip and replace it with an 8-pin op-amp socket, allowing you to personalize the sound of the pedal anyway you want by either using the stock chip or replacing it with any op-amp of your choice providing different sonic qualities to your old standby TS-9.

Well, there you have it tone fiends, all the news and updates from the bench here at Austin Hot Mods.  Sample videos of the new mods and products will be available soon and we certainly hope that you keep on liking and commenting on the posts.  Until next time may your delay times be epically long and your regenerations as clear as an azure sky of summer.

~Austin Hot Mods~